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Steve Naylor
18 Mar 2020
Slide #1
  1. I am just a poor boy
  2. Though my story's seldom told
  3. I have squandered my resistanc
  4. For a packetful of gold
Slide #2
  1. When I get older
  2. Losing my hair
  3. Many years from now
Slide #3
  1. When you're weary, feeling sma
  2. When tears are in your eyes
  3. I'll dry them all
Slide #4
  1. Oh yeah, I'll tell you somethi
  2. I think you'll understand
  3. When I'll say that something
Slide #5
  1. There is a house in New Orlean
  2. They call the Rising Sun
  3. And it's been the ruin of many
Slide #6
  1. Deep down Louisiana close to N
  2. Way back up in the woods among
  3. There stood a log cabin made o
Slide #7
  1. It's knowing that your door is
  2. And your path is free to walk
  3. That makes me tend to leave my
Slide #8
  1. We're all going on a summer ho
  2. No more working for a week or
  3. Fun and laughter on our summer